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  1. Crow, North American Indians of Siouan linguistic stock, historically affiliated with the village-dwelling Hidatsa of the upper Missouri River. They occupied the area around the Yellowstone River and its tributaries, particularly the valleys of the Powder, Wind, and Bighorn rivers in what is now.
  2. Sheryl by Sheryl Crow; Causes; Signup; Read the. Latest News. Lonely Town, Lonely Street – a Loving Tribute To Bill Withers April 6, I love Bill Withers. His passing last week was a heavy blow, on top of the challenges we’re all facing just trying to live day to day right now.
  3. Jun 05,  · crow (third-person singular simple present crows, present participle crowing, simple past crowed or (UK) crew, past participle crowed or (archaic) crown) (intransitive) To make the shrill sound characteristic of a rooster ; to make a sound in this manner, either in gaiety, joy, pleasure, or defiance.
  4. Crow is a Legendary Brawler who can poison his enemies over time with his daggers but has rather low health. He attacks by firing 3 long range daggers that inflict poison on his enemies, dealing damage over time. Crow's Super allows him to jump and land while throwing daggers radially around him both on take-off and upon landing. His Gadget, Defense Booster, reduces any damage he takes by 60% Bullets per attack: 3.
  5. Crow, (genus Corvus), any of various glossy black birds found in most parts of the world, with the exception of southern South America. Crows are generally smaller and not as thick-billed as ravens, which belong to the same genus. A large majority of the 40 or so Corvus species are known as crows.
  6. crow pronunciation. How to say crow. Listen to the audio pronunciation in English. Learn more.
  7. Critics Consensus: Filled with style and dark, lurid energy, The Crow is an action-packed visual feast that also has a soul in the performance of the late Brandon Lee. 17+ COMMON SENSE Stylish, dark revenge fantasy with torture, drugs, and gore/5().
  8. Greek and Roman mythology personified the crow with the god Apollo who was said to have changed the crow’s feathers from white to black. These creatures appear in South American, European, Scandinavian, and Celtic literature, often coupled with the raven, a bird that looks similar to the crow with an equally bad rap.
  9. Crow by Crow followed in , although the single "Cottage Cheese" failed to attract much attention. In the wake of 's Mosaic, Crow disbanded, although Wagner resurfaced in with a solo LP, David Wagner D/B/A Crow.

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